Next Meeting – None

Notice to QCWA Chapter 41 Members

From Bob Olney, N5NT, Chapter President

It should be evident to any member who has attended a
monthly chapter meeting within the past several years that there
has been a continuing decline in attendance, interest, and
support. The result is that it is no longer feasible to schedule
meetings, prepare programs, nor secure meeting facilities based
upon a given or implied assurance that catering to our
organization will be an economic advantage when in reality there
is no assurance that anyone, or more than a handful, will show
up, as is now the norm. Our chapter like some others has simply
run out of substantial interest. Accordingly, Chapter Vice
President Val Erwin W5PUT and I have decided that no further
organized chapter meetings will be held.

The Chapter 41 Sunday Morning Net will continue at 0700
Central Time on 3.835 MHz Lower Sideband as it has in the past.
Every member is invited to join this group on a regular basis.


3 responses to “Next Meeting – None

  1. Olivia Maxwell

    Dear QCWA Chapter 41 Dallas, Texas, Sun. 3-22-15
    We have a garage full of vintage ham radios, receivers, repeaters and more that we must sell, that were a collection of my Father. If there is anyone interested in seeing and purchasing any these please contact Olivia for an appointment at cell # 972-983-8052. Thank you!

    • Olivia,

      I just found your comment about the vintage ham radios, etc.
      Do you still need to do something with this equipment?
      Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your comment.


      • Olivia Maxwell

        Yes we do still need to either sell to a collector or donate some of the WWII equipment to a museum. Would really appreciate advice
        on the radios and equipment. Please contact me at my cell # 972-983-8052 for an appointment to show you what our family has.

        Thank you. Olivia

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