Sister Mary Emmanuel — KC5AQ-SK

It is with deep sadness that I advise the Membership that one of our Chapter 41 “Honorary Members”, Sister Mary Emmanuel’s, KC5AQ, key has gone silent i.e. SK. Sister passed at St. Dominic’s Nursing Home in Houston, TX.
Sister Mary Emmanuel: December 15, 1929 – August 20, 2015
Many of our older Members will remember Sister Mary when she periodically attended Chapter 41meetings many years ago. At that time, Sister Mary was assigned by the church to the Dallas area. It was during this era that Sister Mary’s supervisor, Mother Superior, ordered Sister Mary to cease all ham radio operations despite Sister’s many communications with foreign church missions.
Later, Sister was transferred to the Monastery of The Infant Jesus in Lufkin, TX where she lived out her life. Over the years, she maintained non-ham radio contact with several of our Members, to include Luther Pulley, Bob Olney, N5NT and Val Erwin, W5PUT.  During the course of his business travels, Val was able to visit Sister on several occasions at the Monastery in Lufkin………..K
Submitted by:
Val Erwin, W5PUT