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04 October 2014 QCWA Chapter 41 Meeting

Bob, N5NT, remarks about the 04 October 2014 QCWA Chapter 41 meeting: “My xyl Aggie and I were the only two people present for the October meeting. It was a bust! We ate the buffet so that the restaurant wouldn’t consider it a total loss.” There are probably several reasons for this lack of attendance. I had an annual cousin reunion in Farmersville, Texas that kept me from the Chapter 41 October meeting. Some members went to the HamEXPO! in Belton, Texas. The nice weather might have compelled other members to do outdoors activities. When I saw Bob at a Richardson Wireless Klub meeting, he told me that this set a new low attendance for a Chapter 41 meeting; previously, the lowest attendance was six. Surely the 01 November 2014 meeting will have typical attendance, reports about HamExpo!, and an attention grabbing video.